The Jewish Learning Fellowship is a 10-week class on big Jewish ideas, taught each semester by Hillels of Memphis Director Sophie Bloch. Each class is held once a week during the semester at Rhodes College and University of Memphis on specific days/times of the meetings will be determined once each cohort is finalized based on the availability of students. No prior Jewish education or knowledge is required. Space is limited. Eligible students who participate fully in the Fellowship will receive a $300 stipend upon completion.


Session topics include:


1. Why Learn? The power and practice of learning
2. How big is your story?
3. Community of Memories vs. Lifestyle Enclave
4. The Sabbath: A Practice for Rest
5. Friendship, Honesty, and Betrayal
6. Passover as a story: What is My Identity?
7. How do we Disagree?
8. The Art of Collaboration
9. On Intimacy
10. Continuing to Learn while Living the Questions
11. FAQ and Saying Goodbye